“It’s Just A Matter Of Time”

Welcome to the first post on our new nashvillefreelancer blog.

Now you can say that you’ve made history and were right here from the start.

If you love Country Music you are in the right place.  (Confidentially, we do too.)

Although you may never know what we will post on our blog you can believe it will always be about our amazing little town of Nashville.

So, try this one on for size:

“It’s Just A Matter Of Time” was co-written by:

Brook Benton

-who was born Benjamin Franklin Peay
-recorded more than 50 Billboard Chart Hits

Clyde Otis

-who was one of the first Black A&R Executives at a major recording label
-wrote, or co-wrote, more than 800 songs

Belford Cabell “Sinky” Hendricks

-an accomplished Arranger and R&B songwriter

His first Hit song, Brook Benton’s recording of “It’s Just A Matter Of Time” reached the Number One position of the Billboard Rhythm and Blues Chart in 1959.  It also reached the Number Three position of the Hot 100.

Sonny James recorded a Cover of “It’s Just A Matter Of Time” in 1970.  The song became the tenth consecutive Billboard Magazine Hot Country Singles Chart Number One recording for him.  He eventually went on to record six more.

Glen Campbell recorded “It’s Just A Matter Of Time” in 1985 on the Atlantic American Records label and his Cover of the tune rose to the Number Seven position on the Billboard Hot Country Singles Chart in February 1986.

Randy Travis released his Cover of “It’s Just A Matter Of Time” in 1989 on his No Holdin’ Back album and it became his tenth Number One Hit.  Travis’s bluesy version of the song was originally recorded on his Rock, Rhythm & Blues album.

The love song tells the story of a man who misses his lover but believes she will come back to him.  Nat King Cole was originally scheduled to record “It’s Just A Matter Of Time,” however, instead it became Brook Benton’s first release on the Mercury Records label.

Notable television programs and movies “It’s Just A Matter Of Time” has been performed on include Hee Haw and The Ed Sullivan Show, by Sonny James, and the 1997 motion picture Boogie Nights by Brook Benton.

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Nashville Freelancers


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