High Valley Out To “Make You Mine”

Brad and Curtis Rempel, who together comprise the Country Music Act known as High Valley, recently achieved their first US Country music success with the Top 20 Hit “Make You Mine”.  Previous successes for the duo in their native Canada included “She’s With Me” and “County Line”.

Brad Rempel’s response to the success of “Make You Mine” was to say, “The most important part is that now people can sing along to our shows.”

Two of seven children from Blumenort, a small hamlet near La Crete, Alberta, the Rempel Brothers have fifteen songs in Canada that their audiences there enjoy singing along with at their performances.

Celebrating the success of their album “Dear Life,” that was released on November 18, the brothers gathered with more than two hundred Music Row friends.  They will also oversee the donation of two hundred pairs of shoes to needy people in Burundi, Africa through Food For The Hungry.

Brad and Curtis Rempel grew up listening to Country music, particularly Ricky Scaggs.  However, because there were no sound systems, lighting rigs, effect pedals, or stages in their hometown, they gravitated to playing acoustic instruments.

Brad Rempels migrated to Nashville in 2000 to be on radio with a Contemporary sound, but it wasn’t until High Valley paired with Pop Music Producer Seth Mosley, and returned to their acoustic roots, that the brothers found success with “Make You Mine”.

In response to their success, Brad Rempel stated, “We felt like we were being authentic.  He felt like we were being progressive.”

It was by posting “Make You Mine” on iTunes, and the overwhelming success they received from that act, that several record labels came calling at their door.  High Valley chose Atlantic/Warner Nashville because they felt with the label releasing “Make You Mine” as they had originally recorded the song, that they had made the right selection for a label.

Look for High Valley when they appear at a venue near you.

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