See You Again

One of the biggest sacrifices American military families must endure is the deployment of the military member away from their family for an extended period of time, and the family not knowing if that member will ever return again.

In a recent Time magazine article, Carrie Underwood spoke openly about supporting America’s military members and performing for them.  But, it is her song “See You Again” that seems to resonate the most with these brave people and their families.

Underwood was quoted as saying, “Hearing that song helped them see the light at the end of the tunnel,” and “knowing their loved ones would soon be home.”

Performing USO Tours in Kuwait and Iraq, as well as for several military bases around the United States, are considered blessings by the Singer.  It is at these concerts she often sees how her song affects those in the audiences the music touches.

The stories she frequently hears from military families about what “See You Again” means to them have shown Underwood how, as she stated in this Time magazine article, “Music is a powerful thing”.

And, as she also stated, “Although music can not heal any wounds, or fix any problems, it can provide comfort to those who need it most.”

Get out there and support America’s military members and their families!

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