Rory Feek – Life After Joey

On any given afternoon in Pottsville, a small community 35 miles outside of Nashville, Rory Feek may be sitting alone looking out the window of his farmhouse.  Joey’s horses may be grazing nearby, and her boots are still lined up along a wall in their bedroom.

Underneath a canopy of shade trees, Joey Feek remains nearby, buried in a wooden box.  Her dying wish.  A baby monitor reflects a light on the couple’s wedding picture.  The monitor’s main purpose is to help Rory keep track of Indiana.

The couple’s daughter was born with Down Syndrome shortly before Joey’s cervical cancer diagnosis in 2014.  A disease that would aggressively spread in spite of grueling chemotherapy, radiation, and surgical treatments.

Joey and Rory relocated to Alexandria, Indiana, Joey’s hometown, to live out her final days.  There they would snap the last pictures of Joey holding Indiana’s hand, celebrate their daughter’s second birthday, and share meaningful moments together.  Rory captured these special moments in his documentary To Joey, With Love.

Joey and Rory became a couple in February of 2002 and married four months later.  Rory’s two young daughters from a previous marriage, Hopie and Heidi, attended the ceremony, and Joey placed rings on their fingers symbolic of a united family.

Joey and Rory first achieved success in Nashville after appearing on Can You Duet in 2008.  Ten days after their final album, Hymns That Are Important To Us debuted Number One on the Billboard Country Albums Chart, on March 4, 2014, and the Billboard Top Christian Albums Chart, Joey died.  Their final words to each other were to say three times “I love you.”

These days, Rory spends his time bonding with Indiana, writing his blog This Life I Live, and a memoir.  However, he no longer performs music.

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