On My Terms

The Summer of 2016 saw Cody Jinks’ self-released “I’m Not The Devil” album debut on the Billboard Top Country Albums Chart in the Number Four position.  This was quite an accomplishment for the DIY-er.

The one-time teenaged Frontman for the Unchecked Aggression Metal Band, learned to play Country chords on a guitar his father taught him how to play in his native Texas.

Following a short hiatus from music after Unchecked Aggression split up, Jinks began writing Country songs.  A dozen years later, his steel-edged songs and rumbling baritone singing voice have led him to become a promising up-and-comer.

Jinks wrapped up three sold-out shows at 3rd and Lindsley, the People’s Choice Award-winning Best Small Entertainment Venue for 2016, here in Nashville, on December 1-3.  The Singer feels the freedom to record his music, and release his albums independently, has been the right course for him to follow.

“That’s how I’ve always operated.  On my terms,” he was quoted as saying explaining his preference for the freedom being independent provides him.

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