Chris Young Spearheads CMA Toys For Tots Drive For Gatlinburg

Yesterday, I had a meeting with a publisher that went extremely well.  I signed a new contract to pen a series of articles for a wildlife magazine.  In my line of labor that’s up, up, up!  Helps keep the cash cow from running dry and shoes on my son’s feet.  Who am I kidding? My son hardly ever wears shoes.  I gave up that losing battle a long time ago.

My secretary, Beth, reminded me I had still not completed my Christmas shopping for my ten year old, Patrick Andrew, who everybody has always affectionately called “PAW”.  I do spoil him some.  I will admit that.

Following this blog, you will probably get to know PAW, in all his multi-colored shenanigans, fairly well, too.  I’m awfully proud of the little tow head.  When I’m not plucking his tail feathers, that is.

Beth also reminded me that Toys For Tots is a special way to insure less fortunate children receive at least a little something from Santa Claus.  So, I decided this topic would make a good blog entry.  See what you think.  Am I correctamundo, or what?

Country Singer Chris Young won the Nashville Star competition, and is probably best known for his Hit, “Gettin’ You Home (The Black Dress Song)”.  Young is also a member of the Board of Directors for the Country Music Association.

The CMA asked its members to bring unwrapped toys to its annual member party in Nashville.  The toys will be delivered to Gatlinburg on December 19 by On Tour Logistics.

“Tennessee is my home and the families of Gatlinburg have lost so much,” Young stated explaining the project.

“We have many artists and CMA members with strong ties to East Tennessee and we are thankful to Chris for spearheading this effort,” Sarah Trahern, the CMA’s Chief Executive Officer said.

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