Mended Fences

For Elmo Buzz, and his nemesis/alter ego the gonzo outlaw Todd Snider, there will be peace in East Nashville this yuletide season as the two sides have apparently mended fences.

Sloppy Rocker, Elmo Buzz, who enjoys cars, partying hard, and plenty of chicks, will host the “East Nashville Winter Pep Rally And Dance Cotillion”.

Singer-Songwriter Aaron Lee Tasjan, Rorey Carroll, and Elizabeth Cook, who appeared in the music video “Hey Pretty Boy” will join Elmo Buzz on stage.  And, the East Side Bulldogs will make a special appearance as well.

Other attractions announced for this December 23rd performance include burlesque cheerleaders, a confetti cannon, prizes, a “Funky Tomato” Dance Contest, and more.

The Basement East, where this event will occur, is located at 917 Woodland Street.

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