A United Tennessee Is A Thriving Tennessee

What does CMT, Belmont University, and the Nashville Technology Council have in common with more than 200 other businesses in Tennessee?  These fine examples of business leaders are all members of the Tennessee Thrives Coalition.

This coalition supports the commitment that the equal treatment of all visitors to the Volunteer State is essential to keep Tennessee the strong, growing brand for economic development, business innovation, best-of-class workforce, travel and tourism, and dynamic entertainment center it is well known for.

The coalition also believes Tennessee businesses and communities must provide a welcoming and diverse environment for all people.  Their keypoint is that “A United Tennessee is a Thriving Tennessee!”

Founded in 2016, the Tennessee Thrives Coalition was created to further support the recognition Tennessee has received for being one of the very best states for business, and possessing one of the United States’ best business climates.

Tennessee’s more than 2.5 million private-sector job growth leads the nation, and the state is ranked Number One in the country for foreign direct job investment with more than 300 international companies, from 27 different countries, operating throughout Tennessee.

However, the bread-and-butter industry of Tennessee remains tourism.  Numbers from visitors to the state generated a staggering $18 billion dollars in revenue in 2014 alone.  This was led by the vibrant Country music scene in Nashville, Dollywood, and Pigeon Forge.

Supporting the Tennessee Thrives Coalition, Nashville’s largest daily newspaper The Tennessean, stated, “It pays for Nashville to be a welcoming community.”

NBC News added, “The city best known for its Grand Ole Opry and for launching the careers of countless country stars now has a new addition to Music Row, the Tennessee Thrives Coalition.”

And, the Nashville Business Journal said, “The state’s business community fired a warning shot at state lawmakers today with the launch of Tennessee Thrives, an anti-discriminatory coalition of nearly 200 Tennessee-based businesses.”

To join Tennessee Thrives go their website, which can be located at tennesseethrives.org, and sign your business up on the form provided there.

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The Nashville Freelancers

***Brett Matthew West is a Nashvillian and a long time Freelance Writer.  His myriad of feature articles have been published in a vast array of newspapers and magazines around the United States.  He also possesses an extensive online presence for his Short Stories.***


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