Adventure Science Center – A One-of-a-Kind Nashville Experience

The very kid-friendly Adventure Science Center, and the Sudekum Planetarium, offer many fascinating opportunities for stargazing including the 63-foot dome, with its GOTO Chiron optical star projector, that produces 6.5 million stars.

Combine this dome, with a Digistar 5 fulldome projection system, and the Sudekum Planetarium, the first planetarium in Tennessee, is unparalleled in the USA.  Throw in their SkyLase laser system and the wonders of the night become endless as you travel by planets, the Milky Way, and go far beyond.

This amazing 44,000 square-foot exhibit space provides 175 hands-on biological, visual perception, physics, air and space, mind, listening, energy, and earth science displays, among which are:

Blue Max – an interactive jet fighter that allows you to be the gunner, the pilot, or both, through carrier landings, aerobatic maneuvers, flight training, and dogfighting enemy planes.

Adventure Tower – this exhibit allows you to crawl through a beating heart, lift a car all by yourself, and explore a giant glass pyramid to view the Music City skyline.

BodyQuest – this exhibit lets you see inside a human body, how the systems of the body function together, and how hard your body works to keep you healthy.

Mission:  Possible – this is an interactive exhibit featuring obstacles people with disabilities encounter every day and rehabilitative machines that help them overcome these obstacles.

Space Chase – this exhibit allows you to walk on the moon, visit other planets, and view rocket launches.  It takes two stories of space for this exhibit!

Nano – this hands-on, interactive, exhibit illustrates nanoscale technology, science, and engineering, as well as their real world applications.

The third floor of the Adventure Science Center is dedicated to allowing you to observe bees collect pollen, make honey, and feed young bees.

Daily science demonstrations, workshops, camps, lectures, Science Cafes, Discovery Cart activities, and many special events draw more than 300,000 annual visitors to the Adventure Science Center.

Popular shows featured at the Adventure Science Center include:

Great White Shark – “A Breathtaking Encounter With The Predator We Love To Fear”

Polaris – The Space Submarine And The Mystery Of The Polar Night

Skies Over Nashville – a live program that teaches you how to locate and identify constellations, planets, stars, and other objects with the naked eye

Habitat Earth – what it means to live among microbes, massive whales, and every other living entity on the planet


Adventure Science Center
800 Fort Negley Boulevard

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