Bye-Bye Obamacare!

The Republican-led 115th Congress will convene today, January 3, 2017.  It appears to have targeted three of Barack Obama’s primary pieces of legislation.  They plan to address these issues from the moment they begin.  In their sights are a tax overhaul, Social Security, and Obamacare.

Spearheaded by Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, the Republicans will seek a massive redo of a tax code that rewards the wealthy and businesses that are primed to easily move jobs overseas.

Along the lines of Social Security, some Republicans seem destined to slow the growth of the program to curb spending.  However, President-Elect Donald Trump has stated he does not want to touch Social Security.  And, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan said he has no plans to change Social Security.  So, the jury remains out on this verdict…for now.

However, the GOP’s very first act from the moment Congress returns to session, as promised by several of them, will be to begin repealing Obamacare.  Their goal is a procedural means of shielding Democrats from filerbustering legislation designed to annul most of Obamacare.

After that, Republicans will work on formulating legislation that cancels vast sections of Obamacare including the mandates Medicare be expanded to cover more lower-earning Americans and US citizens must purchase health insurance or be levied IRS fines for failing to do so.

In addition to these measures, Republicans will have to form new programs to battle the $3 trillion dollar Medicare health care system.  They will also have to devise methods to ensure insurance markets do not fail.

Inside the Numbers:

5 – New Democratic Senators
2 – New Republican Senators
52 – Republican Senators
46 – Democratic Senators
2 – Independent Party Senators

27 – New Republican Representatives
25 – New Democratic Representatives
241 – Republican Representatives
194 – Democratic Representatives

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Brett Matthew West
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***Brett Matthew West is a Nashvillian and a long time Freelance Writer.  His myriad of feature articles have been published in a vast array of newspapers and magazines around the United States.  He also possesses an extensive online presence for his Short Stories.***


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