Book Review For Peter Swanson’s Psychological Thriller Her Every Fear

(Our Book Reviews are only written on brand new materials being released.)

Is it paranoia if someone really is out to get you?  That is the question Kate Biddy must answer in Peter Swanson’s new psychological thriller Her Every Fear.  This 352-page novel is published by HarperCollins and has an ISBN of 9780062427021.

The main character is fragile and resilient.  The storyline is Hitchcockian, full of false starts and contains a sharp plot.  Containing chilling insights, and multiple points of view, this scintillating book could easily be adapted into a movie.

After suffering a near fatal attack, while being kidnapped by an ex-boyfriend who still haunts her dreams, Biddy is plagued with recurring panic attacks.  She swaps her London flat for an Italianate Boston apartment on a six month trade.  However, things spiral out of control one day after she arrives in Beantown.

Kate learns her next door neighbor has been brutally murdered.  After a tenant claims they witnessed Biddy’s cousin and the deceased woman together, suspicion arises her cousin may be involved in the crime.

Lightning-quick pacing, high tension, and psychological drama dominate this book keeping readers hanging on to each page.  Other features of the storyline include voyeurism, manipulation, and betrayal.

Peter Swanson is the Author of the popular books The Kind Worth Killing and The Girl With A Clock For A Heart.

Her Every Fear is set to be released on January 10, 2017.

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