It May Be Duty Free, But, Is It A Good Deal?

Are you traveling in or out of Nashville International Airport, the 32nd busiest airport in the United States?  Here is some information on purchasing those Duty Free items such as sunglasses, cameras, watches, tech items, electronics, and fashion products that may grab your attention along the way.

For many travelers, making their way from the Security checkpoint to their gate requires a stroll through a retail bazaar that, in reality, is a cash cow for the airport.

What exactly does Duty Free mean when you purchase these items at the airport?  In simple terms, it means the merchandize on sale does not have any locally imposed excise, value-added, or other sales taxes on it.  That is, provided you do not exceed the generous allowances the US permits.

In no way does Duty Free mean what items you can bring into the country, and, most Duty Free stores add additional markups to an item’s retail price, with just enough of a cut to make them appeal to travelers.

Now consider this:  almost all items you can purchase in a Duty Free store you can buy for less at a Big Box retailer such as Wal-Mart.

The Nashville Freelancers do not endorse, nor do we necessarily condone, the use of alcohol and tobacco.  For authenticity of this article, the truth is the best deals in Duty Free stores are, generally speaking, on these two items, as well as other heavily taxed ones.

Travelers returning to the United States from foreign countries are also limited to one liter of alcohol.  Limits for the Virgin Islands and the Caribbean have varying allowances on the quantities that can be brought into the United States.

However, the best price reductions are on cigarettes and cigars.  Limits on their quantities are 200 cigarettes and 100 cigars.

NOTE:  The TSA will allow travelers returning back to the US, with a domestic connection, to carry the bottle of alcohol with them under two conditions:

1 – the alcohol is in a transparent container
2 – the alcohol is in a secure, tamper-evident bag

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