Always Write For Your Own Enjoyment!

Recently, we received a question from a reader asking us since we are an organization of Professional Freelance Writers, if we could pass along some helpful hints in how Writers can achieve more success in their writing?  So we are doing just that in this posting.


That is the very best advice we have ever been given as Writers.  It goes without saying, and certainly does not need any clarification.  What follows next are tips we have discovered help most successful Writers.  Perhaps you can put them to good use in your own writing.

1.  Take stock of your life through writing prompts that dig into personal inspiration and are therefore much more rewarding.  This helps to build self-esteem, find a sense of purpose, and maintain authenticity.

2.  Humans are creatures of habit.  For the most part, routines and schedules rule their lives.  A verb to remove from a Writer’s vocabulary is “stress”.  Replace that word with a more affirmative outlook.  Learn how to manage the moods and relationships of characters.  Positive habits are key to a Writer’s success.

3.  Build pockets of peace times into your writing schedule.  Power down, pause, and reflect.  This helps the Writer become more mindful of the present moment.  Pinpoint incidents.  These tiny tweaks can make all the difference in characters, attitudes, and interactions.

4.  Carefully track what works, and what does not work, for you as a Writer.  Examine the behaviors and actions of top notch Writers to learn what helped them rise to the top of their profession.

5.  Get off the couch and get organized.  Messiness makes writing look sloppy, while organization brings a focal point.

6.  One of our personal favorites is to write like your life depends on it!  Be hungry!  A very helpful way to achieve this is to research, research, research your topic!  This will allow a Writer to possess a mindfield of details to draw from.  The reward for shedding what is not needed in a piece of writing is improved quality.

7.  Enjoy your downtime from writing.  Writers have good reasons to be busy with their craft, however, it is very important to step away once in a while and de-stress, if only for a few moments.

8.  Cultivate a sense of curiosity about the world you live in.  Observe life more closely and dwell on how you want to illustrate your observations into your writing.

9.  Be bold enough to conquer your fears as a Writer.  This will allow you to achieve your goals.  People work hard to avoid what makes them uncomfortable.  Through passing the buck, and procrastination, they evade what they are afraid of.  Break this cycle of fear through a sense of purpose.  Find what works for you and be honest about the problem.  This will allow you, as a Writer, to confront the challenges holding you back.

10.  ALWAYS WRITE FOR YOUR OWN ENJOYMENT!  As stated earlier in this posting, this is far and away the single-most important, and very best, piece of advice we have ever been given as Writers, and we pass it on all the time to other Writers.  If you do not enjoy what you are writing why write it?

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Brett Matthew West
Founder and President
The Nashville Freelancers

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***Brett Matthew West is a Nashvillian and a long time Freelance Writer.  His myriad of feature articles have been published in a vast array of newspapers and magazines around the United States.  He also possesses an extensive online presence for his Short Stories.***


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