Book Review For History Of Wolves By Emily Fridlund

(We only review brand new books that are set to be released)

This 228-page Debut book is published by Atlantic Monthly and possesses an ISBN of 9780802125873.  It is also available in ebook.

History Of Wolves is a coming-of-age account told by a grown-up narrator looking back at her teen years.  Events during this time forever changed her beliefs in how the world works.

The book’s intelligence is that the events that ruined it’s main character “Madaline/Linda” are so appalling they may change the reader’s beliefs as well.

With a setting in the middle of a Minnesota winter, the depth of feeling Emily Fridlund writes into her story makes the reader just as cold as the falling temperatures in her book.

Linda resides in abstract poverty with her hippie parents, in a house that not only lacks central heating, it also has no door.  Just a tarp keeps the biting cold out.

When a new family moves into a house across the lake from where “Linda” resides, it is not long before she becomes their young son’s babysitter.

Linda notices the boy’s parents are, like her, slightly off-normal.  It is not long before the reader realizes that more than “just not right” is happening with these people.

The twist of the plot is when the reader realizes that “something” is not what they think it is…it is much worse!  This causes the reader to stop in their tracks and restart reading the book, looking for the clues that have to be there.

They are not hard to find.

This book was released on January 3, 2017.

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